The Health Benefits of Eating Chile

Not only is chile absolutely delicious, but it also has a slew of health benefits. Did you know that the capsaicin in chilies is what makes it taste spicy? The Capsaicin is also a serious antioxidant, and a may even be an appetite suppressant to slim that waistline. Read on to discover some of the awesome benefits of eating chile, and don’t forget to come to Posa’s for your next red or green fix!

What is Capsaicin?

Capsaicin is the chemical compound responsible for the heat we feel when we ingest chiles. The compound is found in all types of peppers including the green and red chiles of New Mexico.

Why is Chile so Good?

The capsaicin is also an irritant, and when we feel an irritation or slight pain our brains release dopamine and endorphins to combat the pain, thus resulting in an elevated mood. Yes, breakfast burritos literally make us happy if they contain delicious red or green chile! The resulted mood boost also gives us a desire to continue eating spicy foods although there is a slight burn associated with chile peppers.

Chile may aid in Weight Loss.

Studies conducted on individuals with high fat diets who also consumed capsaicin produced proteins that resulted in a greater breakdown of fats, according to a 2010 study conducted by the Journal of Proteome Research. Some appetite suppressing qualities have also been shown in spicy foods, as people who ate more hot foods tended to have lower appetites and consume less food. Thermogenesis has also been seen in animals who consumed capsaicin, thermogenesis a revved up metabolism by increased heat in the body. Aha, who would have thought that tamales could be so good for you?

Chile has antioxidants.

Antioxidants are key factors in getting rid of free radicals in your body. Having a body clear of free radicals improves health and wellness and can possibly help you steer clear of toxin induced illnesses. Chile peppers have a variety of vitamins including vitamin C and vitamin E. Chile also has a lot of flavonoids and carotenoids. Free radicals are a culprit when it comes to certain cancers, ensuring you are eating as many antioxidants as possible may potentially be very healthy for your body. There has been some promising research conducted mentioning that spicy capsaicin may even ward off, prostate cancer cells. So, some chile a day may keep the doctor away and keep you healthy.

Cold and Sinus Remedy.

Yes, chiles will clear your sinuses up! The spicy capsaicin does not only have antibacterial properties but will also clear up that stuffy nose. Next time you have a pesky cold grab a bowl of menudo and see if it helps, the heat gets your nose runny and clears it up. Chile is absolutely a superfood.

Chile has so many health benefits making it a really amazing staple. The heat helps clear up common colds, may be helpful in losing weight, chiles will also give you a serious vitamin and antioxidant boost, and finally it is a delicious food! So, don’t wait come to Posa’s on Zafarano for your next spicy chile fix.

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